Collection 2016/2017

Rather than decorative elements, jewelry expresses an aesthetic possibility that few observers have ever noticed: its ability to touch people. Aware of this unique potential, jeweler Klaus Lohmeyer of Werkstatt:München imbues into his works meaningful messages, which emotionally connect the wearer with the object and its maker.

The conceptual inspiration for Werkstatt:München’s 2016/17 collection were fragments. Memories and emotional traces are integrated in the design, imbuing the jewelry with the visible and the invisible at once. Werkstatt:München used antique metal stamps for fragments of early jewelry production to embellish the pieces, adding new elements to its signature symbolism.

In Klaus Lohmeyer’s creative universe craft, art and music are seamlessly connected, hence the lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s song “Thank You“ were engraved on different tools like mills or anvils to be reflected as fragments on the pieces.
The words are there as private memories, like any of the subtle and precious details that define Werkstatt:München’s understated luxury.

The long, versatile, silver chains feature fragments of double links, bridging the gap between the sculptural jewelry, seen as isolated from the human body, and the clothing, inextricable from the presence of a living person.

Werkstatt:München’s pieces are made to be worn.
In this context, the brand presented a series of pioneering, entirely handmade sterling silver glass frames – the ultimate piece of jewelry.
This project led to a collaboration with Boris Bidjan Saberi.

Committed to an ongoing experimental process, Klaus refined his range of leather goods by introducing different styles of bags and wallets that feature special hooks and closure systems developed entirely in-house.

© Cecilia Musmeci

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