Collection 2017/2018

Artistically engaged in promoting a timeless and meaningful approach to jewelry making, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN pieces embed fragments. The aim of master craftsman Klaus Lohmeyer, creative mind behind the brand, is to combine old-school working methods with the most careful attention to details to achieve long-lasting jewels that aren’t just roughly beautiful but also have a soul.

By following an inner creative voice, Klaus draws inspiration from music, art, philosophy and nature. Hand in hand with his skilled team, he focused on translating transformations into jewelry for the latest collection.

The notion of ageing in dignity is central to Klaus, as it represents an example of inevitable transformation. The skull, one of the oldest brand’s hallmarks, has been revisited in a naturalistic way to emphasize the ephemeral nature of men’s life – opposed to the one of the jewel, which continues even after the death of its owner, passing down through generations. Now the skulls have missing teeth and edgy angles, while their realistic appearance raises questions about chance and fate.

Counterpart of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN jewelry’s organic appeal is its rock-and-roll identity, expressed through metal embossings of rock lyrics in a way that resembles street graffiti aged in time. These ‘urban traces’, as if they underwent multiple transformations, are almost illegible and are meant as a private memory for the wearer, like traces that add a unique and personal element to the pieces’ value.

The early work of contemporary artist Christo inspired a series of ‘tape’ necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Those silver empaquetages subtly recall Christo’s artistic practice of packaging objects, transforming their appearance and identity through lines and crosses into new compositions.

Constantly working on the perfect balance between beauty and function, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN pieces cherish the heritage of making things by hand in the best possible way. And consequently, the range of leather goods keeps on growing, including a backpack for the first time, with silver buckles and a gravity closure system, in line with the brand’s pioneering approach.
WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s in-house production is a contemporary example of sustainable work, the respect of the environment supported by a conscious approach to consumption has always been one of the house’s core themes.

Becoming year after year braver and finer, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN keeps on pushing the boundaries of jewelry making by creating pieces in which meaning, function and beauty are entwined.

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