Collection 2018/2019


ALL WE HAVE IS NOW is the quintessence of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s work on “time”, reflecting on sense and meaning in the temporal flow.


For its 2018 collection the German brand explores the relation to time. It is intrigued by the way the perspectives on things and beings are changing with time passing, while beauty is always infinite and true in the now.
This core theme is transported by watches with no hands, presumably inviting the wearer to establish his very own time. Small clocks with time standing still, integrated into chain necklaces and bracelets, serve as a reminder for nothing being eternal and that this ephemeral quality is what makes things limitlessly beautiful. Medallions and bracelets have the shape of dials determined by the marks and oxidation caused by the regular usage over decades.

Focusing on ancient techniques and the tradition behind gold and silversmithing, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN also pays tribute to its artisanal heritage. Historical hallmarks indicating craftsmanship, the nature of the metal, its nesse, and WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s own hallmark are stamped as main embellishments on nameplate-like necklaces, silver bracelets or key rings.

The brand further recollects its practice of hammered structures creating a singular surface on each piece that reflects the light like little mirrors in a slightly irregular way. Polished hammers are used to give the precious pieces its final shapes and surfaces, as silversmith artisans used to work for ages, offering a result that no machine can produce.

Well-known for its avant-garde approach to jewelry, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN keeps on polishing its achievements and innovations, launching an optical line entirely worked in sterling silver, from nose pads to temples, in 2016. This season WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN introduces two new models featuring hand milled frames, entirely worked in sterling silver.

The passion for raw materials and old school working techniques naturally brought the brand to develop a collection of hand sewn leather goods and accessories including wallets, bags, and cashmere garments embellished with silver details, clasps and closures all made in house. Following WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s philosophy, every part of the composition is independently crafted and translates the creative idea into form. Always preferring quality to quantity, this season’s most remarkable additions are a women’s shoulder bag with a long silver chain and a cashmere beanie held together by a“spine”of hand milled silver links.

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN pieces long for eternity as their strong and iconic look makes them quintessentially timeless. As valuable objects being passed through generations, jewels and accessories always engage with tem- porality embodying memories of the years gone by and the beautiful ones that still will come.


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