Collection 2019/2020


I WANT A NEW MISTAKE. LOSE IS MORE THAN HESITATE – the song line from Queens Of The Stone Age’s ‘Go with the Flow’ sums up the brand’s approach of ever refining the idea of making passionate jewelry of lasting gracefulness.


WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN dedicates its new collection to playing with the idea of growth. The process of naturally growing – retracing the savageness of creations built by nature – inspired a series of pieces with organic elements.

Rosebuds and leaves cast in solid silver or gold, winding over medallions, bracelets, and ring combinations, capture the tenderness of delicate petals in firm metal, freezing the moment of hidden beauty with the potential to unveil with time and growth.

The second branch in the Munich based brand’s current work is the row of pieces revealing fine structures of lines and marks embossed on links and jewellery parts. Repeating patterns and ornaments embellish bracelets, rings, necklaces, and keychains.

A vintage analogue mill – back from the time when all matrixes were still engraved by hand – found in an abandoned factory opened up the possibility to build wires for links, loops, and parts embossed with patterns and lines. Based on balance and simplicity, a series of concerted special pieces, cherishing slight irregularities as a consequence of the manufacturing process, was developed. 

Contrasting the organic elements these creations refer to, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN also emphasizes on performing and perfecting traditional gold and silversmithing skills. Only a practised hand will achieve jewelry producing incessantly unique surface structures, constantly reflecting slightly vivid irregularities.

For the 2019 collection, Klaus Lohmeyer developed the CURL theme in rings and necklaces with his talented team. Hammered wires wound to loops and links, resembling curls, form the base for two-finger rings, bracelets, short and long necklaces that fascinate through their reduction and simplicity. A precious innovation in the collection is the hammered hairpin with curl element.

The house’s passion for hammering – and especially silverware – is realised in a set of chopsticks, chopstick rest and soy bowl on a leather table mat to be added to the number of aesthetic as well as functional hand-forged silver ware.

Besides creating timeless pieces of jewelry and silver ware, a focus of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s accomplishment is its steadily growing line of hand sewn leather goods, all cut from vegetable tanned leather:

Wallets and cardholders completed with fully in-house developed and made functional parts, such as braces and snap-fasteners are presented next to backpacks, shoulder bags or a new clutch.

For over a decade the house creates a new handknit cashmere beanie including a silver embellishing piece, inspired by the current collection every year. This year’s model contains an extra-soft mix of cashmere and silk, adorned with an analogously embossed oval long link, intertwined into the wool.

WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN aims to design items rounding off their universe, offering the finest concerning quality, design, material, and comfort. Consequently, a series of four different sunglasses, entirely worked by hand in sterling silver and equipped with high standard optical lenses by Rodenstock, were designed to be the ultimate piece of jewelry in the centre of one’s face.

Nourishing and expanding its passion for high level craftsmanship and exquisite materials, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN continuously explores making jewelry and accessories of raw beauty.

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