I have something in my head and then I start “the making“.The making is a contemplative process where you go through all the stages of aesthetics.
We try every possible solution to transfer the vision from head to hands and as soon as we discover beauty, we follow the path optimizing the technique until it is done. It’s something I can’t plan – it happens, while playing with the material. Usually it is a long journey to make it happen.

The comfort of wearing our pieces is essential for our design decisions. We take care that our jewelry balances weight and dimensions to become part of you. In best case you wear our jewelry at any occasion.

Jewelry is defined by the contrast of black and white, shadow and light. To guide the precise reflection of light, it is essential to craft the perfect form.

We make things that combine perfection in craft, e.g. hammered surfaces or filed facets, and natural “close-to-perfection” things. A hand will always build objects that appear natural to humans, while the perfection reached by machines often appears cold. We let the hand do the work, led by a skilled eye, not measured with a scale.
We use a measurement tool where necessary, e.g. for perfect sizing.

Developing our findings is substantial for our uniqueness. We invent closures and connections according to the design. Even special tools are made by us to guarantee the best possible solution.
The function will always be integrated into the design.

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