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This line is dedicated to TRUTH which is the value very needed and most difficult to achieve, especially in times like these. Truth can sometimes be obvious, sometimes just a hint – setting aside former figurative shapes and designs, we were looking for a very pure formal language for the current work. The result is a selection of carefully chosen jewelry pieces, stripped down to the bare: pure shapes, no decoration but sublime beauty, reinforcing the wearer’s personality.
The first storyline of the truth concept is called “folded”. Inspired by origami – the art of folding paper -, we worked with flat silver wires to play with angles, proportions and lines, aiming to transform a flat silver sheet into a sculptured three-dimensional piece, realized in a more freestyle manner.
Folding consequently led us to use a square box chain, whose links are shaped by folding flat wire into one another. A row of styles like rings, fine hook bracelets, a pretty stiff choker, and fine earrings emerged. In the pursuit of the truth, we didn’t, metaphorically speaking, ‘photoshop’ by cleaning or adding any toolmarks on the surfaces.



Following the idea of lines – the game of light and shadow -, WERKSTATT worked with a “track” wire to create earrings, ear cuffs, rings, bracelets, and hooks for a body chain to eventually hold your phone. The track pattern is applied onto every silver surface by a vintage hand-mill.



Devoted to create jewelry with meaning, we worked with the medieval symbolism of faith (cross), love (heart), and hope (anchor), which appeared in former collections in a more figurative way. We reinterpreted this theme less pathetic, in a punkier way. Still, the meaning is visible, less obvious but clear. Often in our work, you have to take a closer look to discover the intention.

Hearts, crosses, and anchors are stamped on plain plates or shapes, like rings and signets. Facets are filed and not polished, sometimes you´ll find the symbols stamped on a tiny plate, while studying it for a second time. Integrated in curb chain necklaces, sometimes even not recognizable at first sight, hearts, crosses, and anchors are not fully stamped… Once you know, you will discover them.



25 years ago, Klaus Lohmeyer started the company - as a celebration of this anniversary you will find, for the first time, a series of anniversary designs which will be exclusively available during 2021. WERKSTATT played in a very humble way with the number “25” as part of the “925”, which indicates the silver parts in the sterling silver alloy. The most symbolic item to work with is the silver bar, the purest and rawest shape, in which silver is delivered.

It’s an homage to the most beautiful white metal, the majority of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN pieces are constructed from, made for fans.



Springing from travel desire, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN picked-up a metaphor of travelling by stamping a pattern of flying birds in the sky on silver. Bird flight is the ultimate expression of freedom - no frontiers, no restrictions. While avians form flocks for protection and company whilst migrating, for humans, also, the aspect of being able to fly away seems most adorable. As each tribe of birds has its own specific shape, - forming and resolving over and over again -, the formations are stamped by hand on the tags individually.



We are all longing for new experiences, new faces and places to visit, especially in this period of distance. WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN literally transfers this Wanderlust desire onto its silver jewelry, assembling established symbols of faraway places: crests collected while traveling. Nostalgic charms of pilgrimages, stickers on suitcases gathered in various different destinations – all blending together in an assembly of imaginary travels and precious reflections. Wildly filed crests are linked to bracelets, ring combinations, and necklaces, sometimes ornated, sometimes blank, spared to be filled with your fantasy.



For this line of “sculptured" pieces without figurative expression, silver wire is sculptured, carving pieces into a composition of roughly filed simple geometric shapes. Round and angular structures are set alternatingly in captivating relations, uniquely arranged in each design, playing purely with proportions. Due to the making process, the filed surface is a consequent signature of these pieces.



For this collection we explored the relation to time, reflecting on sense and meaning in the temporal flow. It is intrigued by the way the perspectives on things and beings are changing with time passing, while beauty is always infinite and true in the now. This core theme is transported by watches with no hands, presumably inviting the wearer to establish his very own time. Small clocks with time standing still, integrated into necklaces and bracelets, serve as a reminder for nothing being eternal and that this ephemeral quality is, what makes things limitlessly beautiful.



The notion of aging in dignity is a central theme to us, as it represents an example of inevitable transformation. The skull, one of the oldest brand’s hallmarks, has been revisited in a naturalistic way to emphasize that ephemeral nature of men's life - opposed to the one of the jewel, which continues even after the death of its owner, passing down through generations. Now the skulls have missing teeth and edgy angles, while their realistic appearance raises questions about chance and fate.



Counterpart of WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN jewelry‘s organic appeal is its rock 'n' roll identity expressed through metal embossings of rock lyrics in a way that resembles street graffiti aged in time. These “urban traces”, as if they underwent multiple transformations, are almost illegible and are meant as a private memory for the wearer, like traces that at a unique personnel element to the pieces’ value.



The early work of contemporary artist Christo inspired a series of “tape” necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Those silver empaquetages subtly recall Christos artistic practice of packaging objects, transforming their appearance and identity through lines and crosses into new compositions.



The conceptual inspiration for this collection were fragments. Memories and emotional traces are not used as a cold reference but integrated in the design and the production process inbuing the jewelry with new stories that are visible and invisible at once. Intertwined with industrial craftsmanship, we used antique metal stamps for fragments of early jewelry production to embellish the pieces, adding new elements to its signature symbolism.



In our created universe craft, art and music are seamlessly connected, hence the lyrics of Led Zeppelin’s song ”thank you” were engraved on different tools like mills or anvils to be reflected as fragments on the pieces handcrafted surfaces. Some quotes from the famous ballad were directly engraved on the jewelry in an elegant handwriting. Far from being redundant the text often can only be felt by touch as the traces of rusty vintage anvils make it hard to read. The words are there but as private memories, like any of the subtle and precious details that define WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN’s understated luxury.



WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN emphasizes on performing and perfecting traditional gold and silver smithing skills. Only a practiced hand will achieve jewelry producing incessantly unique surface structures, constantly reflecting slightly vivid irregularities. For this collection we developed the CURL theme. Hammered wires wound to loops and links, resembling curls form the base for two-finger rings, bracelets and necklaces that fascinate through their reduction and simplicity.



Inspired by Marcel Breuer’s studies on furniture, pendants and rings, reminding of bent steel pipes and refined metal connections in railings of Bauhaus buildings, are occurring in simple geometric shapes as a major stylistic element. Like in the 1920’s we are on the transition of a new era with new challenges, where it is extremely important to work with traditional craft and design techniques, while playing with the latest modern technologies to create something new.



Fine narrative elements like skull, cross, heart, clover or wind rose are composed in a wild way as if you had assembled fragments of jewelry and emotions from different periods and places to compose something personal and truly unique. Pendants act as lockings, bracelets as necklace parts and a whole row of fragile rings with simple symbols invite you to play with the pieces and for the first time create your own individual ring combination.



This collection plays with the idea of growth. The process of naturally growing- retracing the savageness of creations built by nature- inspired a series of pieces with organic elements. Rosebuds and leaves cast in solid silver or gold, winding over medallions, bracelets and ring combinations, capture the tenderness of delicate petals in firm metal, freezing the moment of hidden beauty with the potential to unveil with time and growth.



The mathematical symbol for uniting/combining is the +, in electricity the + stands for the positive pole. Capturing this symbolism, the basic line of the collection is fully dedicated to the idea of uniting, reuniting and being positive in its literal meaning. Due to its symmetry, the + is emphasizing the positive energy and the idea of connecting in the current collection. You’ll find pattern rings, bracelets and a keyring as well as plates bearing an especially developed + pattern.
Driven to add another visual aspect of this concept, we picked the Beatles’ song title capturing the essence of the + perfectly in words: “Come together”. This appeal was engraved in mills or stamped directly into the jewelry’s surface, sometimes wildly mixing with + signs. Symbolically “coming together” are also a square filed, chunky chain link and a ring, soldered into one another. Two obviously different elements are hence united in a series of bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.



This collection is recapturing the journey theme: we still feel a major desire for freedom and travelling. Consequently, the palm tree came to mind, being a universal symbol for freedom, peace, luck, and “permanent vacation”. With well-balanced proportions, it adorns otherwise rather plain and raw bracelets, necklaces, and a ring, playfully contrasting the clear structures of the silver chains and surfaces with the delicate shape of the palm tree.