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After having studied gold and silversmith and graduating as a master craftsman, Klaus Lohmeyer established WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN in 1996. We are a community of craftsmen, fashion designers and artists aiming to combine old school working techniques with the most careful attention to details. Our target is to create longlasting jewels and accessories that aren’t just roughly beautiful, but also have a soul, being passed on from generation to generation.

Drawing inspiration from music subculture, philosophy, and art, WERKSTATT:MÜNCHEN is constantly seeking for the perfect balance between meaning, beauty, and function, while cherishing the heritage of making things by hand in the best possible way. Following our philosophy, every part of the composition is independently crafted and we are constantly developing new ideas for links and closures, to make our pieces comfortable to wear as well as sometimes invisible for the eye.

Rather than decorative elements, jewelry expresses a possibility that few observers have ever noticed: its ability to touch people! aware of this unique potential, we fill our works with meaningful messages, which emotionally connect the wearer with the object and the maker.


The passion for raw materials and traditional working techniques naturally brought us to develop a collection of handsewn accessories, including bags and wallets and cashmere garments embellished with silver details, clasps and closures all made in our atelier. Our in-house production is a contemporary example of sustainable work. The respect of the environment supported by a conscious approach to consumption is one of our core themes.

Consequently, we work exclusively with natural products, meaning recycled metals, vegetabile tanned leathers, and in both – metal and leather – we avoid any chemical coverings of the surfaces and leave them in a natural state. (Therefore you wont find any plated pieces in our collection.)

With passion, taste, and subtle innovation we are designing perfectly balanced jewelry, handmade in Munich, Germany, with care for the details and the respect for beeing longlasting.

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The comfort of wearing our pieces is essential for our design decisions. We take care that our jewelry balances weight and dimensions to become part of you. In best case you wear our jewelry at any occasion.


Jewelry is defined by the contrast of black and white, shadow and light. To guide the precise reflection of light, it is essential to craft the perfect form.


We make things that combine perfection in craft, e.g. hammered surfaces or filed facets, and natural “close-to-perfection” things. A hand will always build objects that appear natural to humans, while the perfection reached by machines often appears cold. We let the hand do the work, led by a skilled eye, not measured with a scale.

We use a measurement tool where necessary, e.g. for perfect sizing.


Developing our findings is substantial for our uniqueness. We invent closures and connections according to the design. Even special tools are made by us to guarantee the best possible solution.

The function will always be integrated into the design.